Susuri, one of recomended ramen shops in Sapporo

There are many delicious noodle shops in Sapporo.

Although I like ramen, I am not a ramen freak,
therefore, there are many famous ramen shops that I have not yet visited during living in Sapporo for three years.
Recently, I visited one of such ramen shop, “Susuri”(that means “Sipping” in English).

I think that “Susuri” ramen is stylish.
“Susuri” is very cleanliness and their store looks like fashion shops.
Beautiful ramen noodles, delicious chicken oil, and menmas that are cut with playful hearts are one of the good points in their ramen.
If you eat their ramen after drinking alcohol, you feel Susuri ramen fulfills your whole body.

You could reach Susuri from Susukino station with a little walking, but I think the best way to go Susuri is from Nakajima Park station.
Susuri is one of recommended noodle shops if you visit Sapporo.



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