Gourmet, Kumamoto: Okinawa cuisine in Nuchigusui

   I want to eat Okinawa cuisine. When I suddenly thought that and searched online, I found Nuchigunui as a good reputation restaurant. This restaurant is located near the Shirakawa Park across the street.

When I looked at the hot pepper, I found a menu that all you can eat and drink for 3500 yen , so I decided to order it. In the restaurant, there is the owner of a distinctive fashion stood in the kitchen.
However, I couldn’t find all you can eat and drink in the menu…. But, when I asked the owner, he says it’s okay to order it!

As I knew that the steel plate steak was delicious as well as having a major Okinawan cuisine in the preliminary search, this is also Ok when asked if it is also included in all you can eat and drink. It seems almost every thing is Ok.

   I ordered many other meal and photos are follows.

Sea grape salad


Mozuku Champloo


Steel plate steak


Kori soba


   When I asked the owner about the meaning of nuchigusui, told me that it means “medicine of life” (sense of life = wisdom of life = medicine).

   Here, Awamori is included in all you can drink as well. However, I am not good at drinking alcohol, so I got only one cup. Very easy to drink, very tasty.

   Although I could not find many delicious restaurant in Kumamoto, this is a restaurant I would like to come again.